About Us

The Spread is the realization of the collective dream of four life-long restaurant employees coming together into one cohesive unit to share with you their love and passion for food, drink and good times.

Bartending for most of their combined 80+ years in the industry, owners Andrey Cortes, Chris Hickey, Chris Rasile and Shawn Longyear had paths that crossed from the very beginning. Personally and professionally these overlaps helped forge a bond between the partners that has culminated in the October 2012 opening of the Spread.

After his first dishwashing job turned him on to the business, Drey began bartending with Rasile in the 90’s at Manero’s steak house. Rasile followed up his time there with a six year stint at Bleu, also in Greenwich, with Longyear. After Bleu’s days came to an end Rasile joined forces with Hickey to please the SoNo crowd at Barcelona, while the Greenwich location took the team of Cortes and Longyear. The quartet developed the reputation for being among the best in the business; learning elements of cuisine, service and an understanding of local preferences while gaining lots of experience.

Finally, in 2009, the search began for a location. Three years later the location that now houses the Spread was found, a lease was signed, and construction began. The rustic industrial elements seen today were selected by the four owners piece by piece, trusting each other’s instincts and having faith that the finished product of contrasting elements would come together…somewhat like they did.

We hope you all come together at the Spread for celebrations big and small for many years to come!

Our Team

Chris Rasile

Shawn Longyear

Chris Hickey

Andrey Cortes

Hours of Operation