The Spread restaurant is happy to Spread Out into catering and bring our unique rustic industrial feel and extensive array of culinary treats to you. Whether at your home or office, for an intimate gathering of friends or a larger  business affair, we are happy to offer up our distinct style of decor and food. Working to create your perfect event is our goal, from the tablescapes to the palates of your guests.





With sincere gratitude, Chris, Shawn, Drey, Chris






Lamb Tartare

Hand cut lamb loin, preserved lemon and garlic aioli on a crostini

Cheeseburger Sliders

Grass fed beef, shaved lettuce, sliced pickles and aged sharp cheddar served on a potato roll

Crispy Pork Belly Bites

Slow braised crispy pork belly with a maple syrup and chili flake drizzle

Tuna Tartare

Hand cut tuna, fresh lemon juice, shallots and chives served on a potato chip with wasabi crème fraiche

Pickled Deviled Eggs

Hard boiled eggs pickled in beet juice with mustard, paprika aioli and fresh chives

Lobster Rolls

 Traditional Maine lobster salad on a mini potato roll

Cured Salmon

Sugar, salt and vodka cured salmon served on a cucumber slice with garlic cream cheese and fresh dill

Beef Carpaccio

Thinly sliced grass fed beef with horseradish crème fraiche and micro arugula

Seasoned Shrimp over Quinoa Cake

Grilled seasoned shrimp over a seared caramelized onion quinoa cake, topped with chorizo sauce

Figs & Truffle Cream Cheese

Fresh figs with truffle cream cheese, shaved toasted almonds and fresh mint

Bacon Lollipops

Slow roasted applewood smoked pork belly, dipped in caramel

Crabmeat Crostini

Lump crabmeat with cilantro, jalapeno and fresh lime on a crostini topped with avocado

Grilled Cheese

Grilled brioche with gruyere and wild mushrooms

Fingerling Potatoes

Roasted fingerlings topped with crème fraiche and sturgeon caviar

Duck Meatballs

  Pan roasted duck meatballs with cranberry sauce

Chicken Liver Mousse

Velvety rich chicken mousse crostini with shallot marmalade

Black Truffle & Risotto Balls

Truffle honey drizzle

Crispy Chicken Bites

Chipotle Aioli

Assorted Flat Breads

Chorizo, Charred Squid, Pickled Jalapeño

Goat Cheese, Wild Mushrooms, Truffle Oil

Smoked Ricotta, Arugula, Dried Tomatoes, Duck Confit


Salt cod emulsion on toast point

Hamachi Crudo

  Jalapeño, cucumber and lime

Blue Point Oysters

Beurre blanc, sautéed leeks and sturgeon caviar

Chorizo Crostini

Pan seared Spanish chorizo topped with a quail egg

Gazpacho Shooters

 Seasoned grilled prawns

Maryland Blue Crab Cake

 Garlic aioli or spicy mayonnaise



A selection of farmstead cheeses and cured meats served with house cured olives, country pate, selection of mustards country bread and homemade jams


Farmstead cheeses


Tarentaise has been made by John Putnam from organic cow's milk at Thistle Hill Farm in Vermont it is a fairly firm  cheese and is aged for at least six months.


Bloomsday is drier textured than many other cheeses with a fabulous nutty flavor and addictive lingering aftertaste,  aged for 6 months


Hooligan is a ripe washed-rind cheese with a soft creamy interior and a gorgeous orange rind, aged for two months

Drunk Monk

Hooligan rubbed in brown ale from Connecticut's Willimantic Brewing Company, the Drunk Monk is pungent and ripe with a slight hint of peanut butter on the aftertaste

Vivace Bambino

Vivace is sweet, chewy and moist, a medium mild cheese with a flavor like Swiss Emmental, aged 2 to 3 months


Womanchego is aged 3 to 4 months, making it more similar to a young Manchego than the aged version most commonly found in cheese shops. The flavor is medium mild and a tad sweet with hints of fruit and nuts

Dutch Farmstead

Creamy and mild with a slight nutty undertone and a rich, round, well-balanced flavor, the Dutch Farmstead is a variation on Gouda.

Black Ledge Blue

A natural rind blue with a gorgeous yellow color speckled with blue. Moderately creamy and medium strong with a rich, slightly earthy finish.

Cured Meats


Thinly sliced prosciutto balanced in flavor between sweet and savory

Hot Coppa

Seasoned with chili pepper and paprika. It is similar to prosciutto, but it is derived from the shoulder rather than the ham

Salame Finocchiona

Salame Finocchiona is noted for its use of fennel seeds. Dry aged for 3-4 months. This sausage has a spicy flavor and is served in thick slices


Sopressata is Italian dry cured pork salami, flavored with red chili peppers, wine, and dried fennel

Country Pate

Hand crafted pate of duck and pork

Jamón ibérico

The texture is smooth and tender, the flavor soft and full of fat that dissolves in the palate.


A unique nutty flavor, perfect on its own or paired with grilled bread, beans, or fruit.


Robust flavor and mildly studded with fats for a superb texture.



Served with fresh lemon, horseradish, cocktail sauce and mignonette sauce


One of our chefs would be shucking shellfish like a master

Bloom brothers in Norwalk would be providing our shellfish


Blue Point Oysters

Little Neck Clams

Stone Crabs


Crudo Station

Selection of fresh sushi grade fish sliced to order

Served with a selection of grapefruit, jalapeño and cucumber juices


Ceviche & Tartare Station

Selection of hand cut ceviche and tartare made to order




with almond foam


crusted in pistachios


Armagnac soaked prunes


Mandarin orange segments, candied pistachios




Carving Station

Sliced Prime Rib


Filet Mignon


Served with a selection of mustards, horseradish, warmed country bread and natural jus





Corn tacos served with a selection of fillings


Carne Asada (Beef)

Red snapper


Slow Roasted Pork

Beef Tongue

Pork Belly


Filling choices as above

Beef, Vegetable and Chicken Empanadas

Corn on the cob with cotija cheese and paprika


Lime and Mango

Jalapeno corn bread with lime butter

Dip Station

Guacamole Station and House made Chips

Assorted Salsas: Pico de Gallo, Salsa Verde, Pineapple Salsa






Family Style Pig Roast

Option 1

2 hogs slow roasted on a spit

Option 2

1 hog and 1 lamb slow roasted on a spit

Large platters served family style

Grilled Corn Salad


Grilled Seasonal Vegetables

Summer Salad with Local greens, goat cheese, pears, mango, pineapple

Sport hill farm kale salad with feta, avocado, roasted pignolis and our house dressing

 Caprese salad, fresh hand stretched mozzarella, heirloom tomatoes and spread garden basil and

Aged balsamic or Heirloom Tomato Salad

Grilled vegetable and quinoa/fregula salad

Arroz y frijoles

Baked potatoes

Toasted corn tortillas







Endive with walnut and crème fraiche


Steamed lobster over micro greens with lemon truffle oil and walnuts


Grilled endive, radicchio, arugula and porcini mushrooms


Baby lettuce with aged white balsamic with blue cheese and walnuts


Local cabbage with truffle and hazelnuts


Frisée salad with honshimeji mushrooms, bacon vinaigrette and poached egg


Marinated beets with honey goat cheese, arugula and walnuts


Iceberg wedge with blue cheese, bacon and avocado


Persian cucumber salad with shallots and dill


Marinated beets with mascarpone cheese, mandarin oranges and pistachios









Lemon preserves couscous with green olives


Cannellini white beans with cilantro and ghee


Anson mills polenta


French lentils with smoked ham hock


Forbidden black rice with faro, pomegranate molasses


Herb roasted fingerling potato


Baked asparagus with gruyere


Grilled Portobello with balsamic glaze


Fregula with tomato and olives


Wax beans with lemon brown butter and toasted pine nuts


Tarragon tri color roasted beets


Sautéed garbanzo with asparagus tops and roasted garlic herb sauce


Coco beans in tomato sauce and saffron


Mashed potatoes with taleggio cheese


Steamed spinach balls with roasted garlic and roasted red peppers


Sweet potato noodles









Crispy Brick Chicken

Rustic Grits, green salad and white wine lemon sauce

Seared Pork Chop

 Black Beans and Romesco sauce

Grilled Hanger Steak

Duck fat potatoes and porcini butter

Grilled Skirt Steak

 Chimichurri sauce and fries

Flame Grilled Swordfish

 White beans, chermoula and spicy yogurt

Lamb Saddle

Wild mushrooms, brussel sprouts and black garlic puree

Sweet & Sour Duck Breast

Parsnip puree, bok choy and baby carrots

Grilled Queen Prawns

Tomato fregula and green olives

Hand Crafted Gnocchi

 wild mushrooms or sage velouté and braised veal

Hand Crafted Tagliatelle Verde

 Bolognaise and ricotta cheese

Artisan Risotto

Vegetarian option available

Traditional Paella

Chicken, chorizo, calamari, clams, shrimp and mussels

Roasted Seasonal Fish

Coco beans and tomato pesto

Braised Short Ribs

Potato puree, roasted root vegetables and red wine reduction

Tender Roasted Ribs

Bordeaux and caramelized braised shallots